KSAE is delighted to be able to share a subscription to SmartBrief on Leadership to each of our members.  Here is an overview: 


At SmartBrief, we keep you informed and prepared.

We satisfy your professional appetite for intelligence by sifting through thousands of sources throughout the day, selecting the most important information and editorially distilling it into a must-read briefing tailored to your profession. Trusted by millions, SmartBrief is smart -- made easy.

SmartBrief was founded in 1999, and the premise behind the company is simple: There’s too much information out there and too little time in the day to read it all. We package 10 to 12 hand-picked articles daily for highly targeted audiences.


Our 100% opt-in database prompts users to tell us more about them at sign up.
We utilize every resource available to specifically target each newsletter’s audience, from demographic and psychographic data to membership databases.
SmartBrief's expert editors hand-pick the most relevant and important industry news, summarize it, and deliver it with links to the original trusted sources – in targeted, "one-stop shop” e-newsletters.
Sources include major media outlets (WSJ, NYT, FT, etc.), regional newspapers, business weeklies, monthly magazines, trade publications and blogs.


We produce more than 150 daily email newsletters in partnership with leading trade associations.
We reach more than 5 million subscribers each day, in 15+ industries.
Our readership offers our partners a select group of business decision makers, from the entrepreneur to the Fortune 500, and including people in general management positions, business and leisure travelers, multiple homeowners, by specific industries, and more.
Our newsletters provide links to daily headlines and even provide FREE access to premium content.


Our content travels widely, well beyond our 5 million subscribers via their social networks.  More than 90% of readers share SmartBrief links and newsletters with colleagues.


We provide thought leaders with the business news and information they need and nothing more.  They read their SmartBrief quickly and get on with their day, making smarter, faster and better informed decisions --that's smart.