Holiday Service Project

Kentucky National Guard : Operation Military Cheer

Each year KSAE partners with the Kentucky National Guard to help families of deployed service people have a brighter Christmas. The list of children in need is updated each November.

Please consider sponsoring a whole family and make it an office team project!

If you can only help one or two children out of a larger family, that is perfectly fine.

Email your choice(s) to Michelle ( or call 502-223-5322.

  • We ask that all gifts are new and UNWRAPPED, however, you may include wrapping paper.
  • Be sure to include the family number and the child letter on each bag of box of items.
  • There is no minimum or maximum spend amount.
  • Gift cards are acceptable gifts.
  • The gifts provided from this project are the only ones these children will receive.


  • KSAE Office (Prospect, KY 40059) Drop-off deadline is Dec. 13!
  • KAMC Office (Frankfort, KY) Drop-off deadline is Dec. 9!

Please call to ensure someone is at the office before you dropoff items.


2022 Operation Military Cheer Family List   Children on this list who are crossed out are already spoken for.

    FAMILY #1 
1 A Female, Age 3  Clothing: wears a 4-5T, Size 9-10C shoes  Interests: likes Gymnastics, to do makeup and listen to music, her favorite color is Pink  Wish list: Kitchen Set, Play food,  Kids Makeup Kit, Legos
    FAMILY #2
2 A Female, Age 13  Clothing: 14 in youth pants or 0/1 in Juniors for pants or shirts. Wears shoe size 7.5 womens.  Interests: Typical middle schooler loves games, chatting on her phone and TikTok. Loves to experiment with tutorials for her hair and make-up. Interested in fashion, singing and decorating. Loves to decorate her room and enjoys painting. Her favorite color is orange, and she plays soccer for the local middle school. She has a big interest in joining the military and/or becoming an astronaut.  Wish List: Headphones, make up, nail polish 
2 B Female, Age 9  Clothing: 10 youth, shoe size 1 girls.  Interests: Crafting, science experiments and painting. Her favorite color is teal and she has a huge interest in flying airplanes and art. She is excited to join the Civil Air Patrol when she turns 12. She also plays soccer and loves family activities with her siblings like movie/game nights. Wish List: Crafts, experiments, art supplies          
2 C Male, Age 7  Clothing: 10 youth, shoe size 3.  Interests: Loves anything sports, he plays football. His favorite color is red. He has autism, so anything to fidget is very useful to him. He like quiet activities indoors that keep him busy, such as Legos or puzzling toys. However, he does not like table puzzles. He has a repeating hot wheels track that he loves to race new cars on to see which ones go faster. Wish list: Sports, hotwheels, or super mario themed items. Also, Legos. 
2 D Male, Age  Clothing: 7/8 in clothing and size 2 in shoes. Interests: He loves the outdoors. He plays basketball. His favorite color is blue. He is very active and energetic, so he is always looking for an outlet, especially hula hooping or jump roping. He wishes he could be a superhero like the Flash.  Wish list: Skateboard, Legos and Superhero themed items       
2 E Male, Age 10mo  Clothing: 18 month in clothes, and 18 month in socks by Christmas.  Interests: He loves playing with anything that makes noise and lights up. Bath time is his favorite time of the day and loves bright colors. Wish list: Baby toys that make noise or move, bright colored items
    FAMILY #3
3 A Male, Age 13  Clothing: Youth 16 or 18 pants and shirts  Size 7.5 boys shoes  large youth hoodie  Interests: fishing stuff nerf guns not real picky  Fishing stuff he plays playstation collect pokemon cards  Wish list: Gift cards, pokemon cards
    FAMILY #4
4 A Female, Age 12  Clothing: Adult L/XL, Pant 16, Shoe Women's 7   Interests: Crafting, Vlogging (creating videos), volleyball, Asian culture (Japanese), anime, painting, and sketching. Loves to shop on Amazon, Michaels craft store, and 5 & below. Favorite colors; green, black, blue  Wish List: Art supplies, Camera (prints own pics), fuzzy socks, silk/soft pajama's, white tennis shoes, makeup, squish-mallows
    FAMILY #5
5 A Female, Age 4  Clothing: 5t toddler clothes 9 toddler for shoes  Interests: Likes playing with dolls and dress up. Loves Bluey, coloring, painting, surprise toys  Wish list: Gabbie's dollhouse toys, Bluey toys, Barbie     
5 B Female, Age 1  Clothing: 2t for clothes 6toddler for shoes  Interests: Loves stuffed animals, puppies and baby dolls. Loves animals. Wish list: Toddler learning toy's, baby dolls                
    FAMILY #6
6 A Female, Age 2   Interests: She loves anything paw patrol or Minnie Mouse. Her favorite colors are pink and purple.  Wish list: Anything paw patrol and Minnie mouse, duplo legos or mega block legos, baby dolls.  (no clothing needed)