A Brief History of KSAE

The Kentucky Society of Association Executives had its origin in the Louisville Society of Association Executives. The old LSAE met five times in 1979. For its first three years, LSAE members met for breakfast at the Breckinridge Inn. By 1983 there were ten meetings during the year and a meeting rotation cycle had begun.

On August 22, 1984, at the Hyatt Regency Louisville, the Kentucky Society of Association Executives held its first official membership meeting -- a merger of the Louisville Society of Association Executives and what is believed to have been a long dormant and then defunct forerunner organization. Membership in the new Association for the first time was extended beyond Louisville and encouraged statewide. The KSAE Office was moved to Frankfort in 1987. KY played host to the ASAE Conference in Lexington in 1988; and the first edition of the newsletter was published in 1989 (prior to that time the KSAE President would send out a one-pager on letterhead). 1989 was also the year for the first Keenland Outing. In July of 1990 a Strategic Planning Retreat for the KSAE Board was held in Bardstown. Of great importance to many this was the site of the first KSAE Poker game! Sporadic attempts to hold an Annual Convention culminated in a successful effort November 13 & 14, 1990 at the Radisson Plaza in Lexington (a jungle theme was featured). In December 1996 www.ksae.com went live on the Internet.

The following served as President of KSAE: Marilyn Pearce, 1984-85, Pat Hicks, 1985-86, Ed Griffin, 1986-87, Jean Duncan, 1987-88, Ed Stivers, 1988-89, Ben Gratzer, 1989-90, Lelan Woodmansee, CAE, 1990-91, Bob Weiss, 1991-92, Bill Young, 1992-93, Joan Kemper, 1993-94, Cheryl Myers, CAE, 1994-95, Penny Gold, 1995-96, Judy Love, 1996-97, Gary Larimore, 1997-98, Jan Gould, 1998-99, Gary White, 1999-2000, Darlene Eakin, CAE, 2000-01, Maresa Taylor Fawns, 2001-02., Steve Wiborn 2002-03, Mike Porter, 2003-04, John Gabbard, 2004-05, Dave Eggleston, 2005-2006 and Ellen Sykes, 2006-2007.

For you "old hands" and you know who you are -- if you can add to our knowledge base with history of KSAE, LSAE, or other predecessor organizations, please add your comments to the discussion link at www.ksae.com or contact the Association Office.