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Topic: From A-ha to Ta-da! - Challenge your Invisible Mental Deceptions to Achieve Magical Results

We each have the potential to be amazing, but often fall short and beat ourselves up in the process. In this motivational and entertaining program, learn from a former professional magician how to recognize and overcome the subconscious impulses, biases and shortcuts that subvert our success. By adopting values-based decision making to guide us rather than the primitive “lizard brain” we can elevate our performance and become the best version of ourselves.

Key take-aways:

  • Discover how to reach your performance potential by overcoming self-deception
  • Recognize and outsmart the “negativity bias” in assessing ourselves and others
  • Explore your core values and the impulses that hinder value-based decisions


Speaker: Steve Haffner

Steve Haffner is a professional speaker and mental performance specialist. He had a 30 year corporate career as a programmer, systems engineer, executive and business analyst for EDS, Mercer, Humana, and others. In 2011 Steve launched his speaking and performance business, giving keynote and workshop presentations to associations and businesses throughout the US Steve’s experiences as a corporate professional, business owner, magician and mentalist give him a unique perspective on how the subconscious mind influences our decision making. Using research from the fields of psychology and behavioral economics, Steve helps audiences elevate their decision performance and improve their personal and professional success.



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