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Topic: "Building Healthy Workplace Cultures

Culture is workplace behavior defined by the values, behavior and mindset of senior leadership. Utilizing a proven, strategic process, developing a healthy culture can be achieved with the cooperation and commitment of every member of your Leadership Team. This approach has been successfully implemented into a variety of organizations over the past six years, with leaders reporting sustained results and continued improvements more than five years later.

This program discusses challenges and expectations of the new workforce, and a path for leadership to follow that attracts and retains today’s top talent. It explains how to build and sustain a foundation for workplace culture that supports the ongoing success of your organization and everyone on your team.

During the presentation, speaker Jeff Peden, MEd. of Culture Docs™—a leadership training and consulting group focused on enhancing workplace behaviors and improving the results of those who lead others—will present:

  • Profile of Healthy Organizations
  • Working successfully with today’s workforce
  • Role of Leadership in defining and designing healthy workplace cultures
  • How learning and behavior change really works
  • Setting clear expectations and accountability
  • Effective strategy for talent development and succession planning
  • Training for long-term impact


Jeff Peden, MEd, is an International Speaker, Consultant, and Author. His second book—How To Grow Your Business Without Spending Money—focuses on Four Core Strategies that increase performance, productivity, and revenues, while lowering operating costs. He is currently at work on a third book about the relationship between Culture and Leadership.

Jeff works with leaders who want to build healthy workplace cultures and Great Places to Work that visibly increase communication, collaborative problem solving, and mutual support throughout the entire organization. Involved with a variety of clients over the past six years, he has developed a proven process to define, design, and implement a healthy workplace culture built on values and clearly defined behaviors. The success of the process relies on a structured implementation plan that includes accountability, team member assignments, and progress reports.

Jeff is a member of the Radcliff Rotary Club, Past President of the Kentuckiana Chapter of the Association for Talent Development, and past Chair of the University of Louisville Libraries Associates. He has volunteered his services to DECA and Boys and Girls Clubs of America. He has graduate degrees in both Training & Development and Counseling.

His Moment of Success aired on radio station WKJK 1080 in Louisville for over five years. He lives in Radcliff, KY with his wife, Nancy, and their Great Pyrenees, Wendy. He loves reading books, fishing, playing golf, and hiking in the great outdoors.








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