Holiday Service Project

Kentucky National Guard Holiday Service Project

Each year KSAE partners with the Kentucky National Guard to help families of deployed service people have a brighter Christmas. The list of children in need is below. Please consider sponsoring a whole family and make it an office team project! If you can only help one or two children, that is perfectly fine. Email your choice(s) to Michelle ( or call 502-223-5322. 

  • Do not wrap the gifts, however, you may include wrapping paper.
  • Drop items off at the KSAE office (5932 Timber Ridge Drive, Ste 101, Prospect, KY  40059) or the KY Manufactured Housing Institute (2170 US 127 South, Frankfort, KY 40601).
  • We respectfully ask that you call KSAE at 502-223-5322 or the KMHI office at 502-223-0490 to make sure someone is available to accept your donations.
  • All items must be delivered by December 13th.

Family information for Operation Military Cheer 2019

Family #11

A.  Female, Age 7 - size 7 clothes, size 13 shoes. Likes: JoJo Siwa, painting, drawing, card games, board games

B.  Male, Age 6 - size 6 clothes, size 12 shoes. Likes: Hulkbuster, Five Nights at Freddy's, Bendy and the Ink Machine

C.  Female, Age 3 - size 3T clothes, size 9 shoes. Likes: wants a Fancy Nancy doll, Barbie House, likes Mickey & Minnie

Family #12

A.  Female, Age 2 - size 24 months. Likes: Trolls, Minnie Mouse

B.  Female, Age 17 - size 7 junior pants and medium junior shirts. Likes: SpongeBob, makeup.

Family #13

B.  Female, Age 5 - size 7 clothes, size 10 shoes. Likes: unicorns, baby dolls, and wants a jewelry box and a JaxoJoy Cooking Set.

C.  Male, Age 5 Months - size 9 months. Likes: noisy, grabable toys

Family #14

A.  Male, Age 6 - size 6/7 clothes, size 12.5 shoes. Likes: Flash, dinosaurs, hunting, fishing, camping, SpongeBob, art. Favorite color is green. Wants a pair of boots. NEED: a coat, underwear (boxer style) low-cut socks (size 4-10) & pajamas

B.  Female, Age 8 - size 8/10 clothes, size 2 shoes. Likes: unicorns, princesses, Cabbage Patch Kids, art, reading, writing, and hair & makeup. Favorite colors are pink & purple. NEEDS: a coat, panties, socks (size 5-12), belt, and pajamas

Family # 15

A.  Female, Age 17 - sizeM-L shirts, size 7.5 shoes. Likes: sewing, cooking, reading, Harry Potter, volley ball

B.  Male, Age 13 - size S shirts, 31 x 30 pants, size 10 shoes. Likes: Harry Potter, science stuff, STEM building toys

C.  Male, Age 12 - size 14-16 clothes, size 10 shoes. Likes: science stuff, Legos, Hover soccer ball, Nerf

D.  Male, Age 5 - size 5-6 clothes, size 12.5 shoes. Likes: LEGO Juniors Shark Attack, Royalbaby BMX Freestyle kids bike, Jasonwell 108 pcs magnetic tiles building blocks set, Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids