Holiday Service Project

Kentucky National Guard
Holiday Service Project

KSAE, once again, selected the KY National Guard Families for our service project. In the past KSAE members have been more than generous in helping these families. Please consider adopting a family.  If you can only take one child that is perfectly fine. We will help find someone else will take the others.  

Family information for Operation Military Cheer 2016
All items must be delivered by December 13th Please do not wrap the gifts, however, you may include wrapping paper.

We kindly ask that all items be dropped off at either the KSAE office located at 5932 Timber Ridge Drive, Suite 101, Prospect, KY  40059 or the KY Manufactured Housing Institute, 2170 US 127 South, Frankfort, KY 40601.  We respectfully ask that you call KSAE at 502-223-5322 or the KMHI office at 502-223-0490 to make sure someone is available to accept your donations.

You may also bring to the Annual Holiday Brunch on December 14, 2016.  However, that is the very latest that items can be accepted.

Family #8

  • Male age 16 clothes size small in men’s, size 28 in pants, size 10 in shoes.He likes sports, board games, camping, fishing, and novelty lights for his room.
  • Male age 12 clothes size youth 14, shoes size 8.5.He likes sports, Legos, books, board games, science, art, and Pokémon.
  • Male age 8 clothes size youth 6/7, shoes size 1.5 in youth.He likes cars, Legos, books, sports, math, art, super heroes, and ninjas.

Family #9

  • Female age 6 clothes size 10/12 and size 2 or 2.5 in shoes. She likes Shopkins, trolls, Monster High, and anything pink and girly.

Family #10

  • Male age 3 clothes size 4T-5T and shoe size 10.He likes Lightning McQueen and cars.
  • Female age 2 clothes size 3T and shoe size 7.She likes baby dolls and Frozen.
  • Newborn Male clothes size 0-3 months.They need diapers, wipes, and anything for a baby.

Family #11

  • Male age 16 clothes size 38x32 and XL or XXL shirts, and size 9.5 wide in shoes.
  • Male age 12 clothes size 16 regular and 14-16 shirts, and size 6 in shoes.He likes Legos and nerf guns
  • Male age 10 clothes size 8 and shoe size 5.He likes ninja turtles and Spiderman

Family #13

  • Male age 2 clothes size 2T and shoes size 10 or 10.5.He likes cars, airplanes, books, bikes, and balls.

Family #14

This family could use food and furniture.  The kids do not have beds to sleep in.  We have someone who is trying to get mattresses but they need beds if you know of anyone that has access to get those.   

  • Male age 11 clothes size 10/12 in shirts and size 12 in pants, shoes size 6.5.He likes sports, board games, and a bike.
  • Male age 12 clothes size large in men’s shirts, size 38 in pants and size 11 men’s shoes. He likes electronics, science things, and books.
  • Female age 16 clothes size XL women’s shirts, and size 16 women’s pants, and size 9.5 men’s shoes.She likes art supplies, a guitar case, leather paints, acrylic paints, canvas for painting, sketchbooks, and adult coloring books.

Family #19

  • Female age 16 months.Clothes size 24 months or 2T and shoe size 7.She likes Fisher Price little people, light up stuffed animals, learning toys, and toys that make noise.

Family #21

  • Female age 6 clothes size 7/8 and shoe size 13.She likes Disney princess, Doc McStuffins.She really wants the Doc McStuffins Docmobile.

Family # 23

  • Male age 14 clothes size med shirt, 14 skinny jeans, and size 7 in shoes.He likes skate boarding and outside sports like basketball.
  • Female age 11 clothes size medium in shirts, 10 youth jeans, and 1.5 in shoes.She likes coloring, Shopkins, and Monster High.
  • Female age 8 clothes size 14/16 shirts, 10 jeans, and size 3 in shoes.She likes coloring, dolls, and crafts.
  • Female age 6 clothes size 5/6 in shirts, 5/6 in jeans, and size 11 in shoes.She likes dolls, dress up, coloring, and learning toys

Family #24 

  • Male age 5 clothes size 5T and shoe size 10.He likes cars, trucks, Super heroes, and dinosaurs.He needs a coat
  • Male age 4 clothes size 7/8 and shoe size 1.He likes Batman, cars, trucks, super heroes.He needs a coat.

Family #25

  • Female age 9 clothes size 10, shoe size 2, and she likes Minecraft, hiking, music (Fifth Harmony and Disney Radio)
  • Male age 4 clothes size 5, shoe size 12, he likes construction vehicles, tractors, Paw Patrol, Star Wars, Hulk, and camping.

Family #29

  • Female age 4 clothes size 4T and shoe size 9.She likes trolls, Shopkins, and Sherriff Callie.
  • Male age 3 clothes size 3T and shoe size 9.He likes Batman, Spiderman, and Ninja Turtles.
  • Female age 10 months clothes size 6-9 months and size 3 in shoes.She likes toys that light up and make noise and mickey Mouse.

Family #31

  • Male age 5 clothes size 5 and shoe size 1 in youth.He likes Paw patrol, Blaze, dinosaurs, and coloring.
  • Male age 3 clothes size 4 and shoe size 9 in children.He likes learning toys, Paw Patrol, Disney movies, cars, and trucks.

Many KNG soldiers have done 2-4 tours overseas.  Currently, the unemployment rate for them as they try to return to civilian jobs is hovering at approximately 30%.  Thank you for your support of our own.